Children's Community School (CCS) Waterbury, CT

Dawn Kryzkowski, pictured above, is serving as co-president of the PTO.

She's our December SuperParent!

Tamika chaired this year's CCS Santa Breakfast - an annual event offering breakfast, books, multiple crafts, a Santa visit, and so on - all free to CCS families. This is just one of many volunteer activities for which she has volunteered. Thank you, Tamika!

She's our October SuperParent!

LaKeshia is always there to help. Up at 4:00 am to start her busy schedule, she manages to work full-time, take online courses at Charter Oak State College, and be 100% committed to her daughter (who just this month turned in 300 boxtops as a result of her mom's hard work). A day does not go by that CCS does not benefit from Keshia. She is a devoted and dedicated mother who gives her time and compassion toward the betterment of everyone around her. You won't be surprised to see her cleaning a floor, engaging parents, or flipping burgers in the school's kitchen. Thank you, Keshia, for everything you do! 

She's our September SuperParent!

Tisha donated $100 worth of supplies to our 3rd-grade teacher. She brought the Believe Kids fundraiser to our attention. Her mother drives our bus, and her son came up with ideas to improve safety in our parking lot. She works two jobs, raises 4 children, and still finds time to attend PTO meetings and participate in raising funds. Thank you, Tisha! 

31 Wolcott Street, Waterbury, Connecticut 06702 (203) 575-0659 FAX: (203) 754-7825