Children's Community School (CCS) Waterbury, CT

In many public schools around the nation and in the City of Waterbury, it is acknowledged that parent involvement and fundraising opportunities are hard to come by.  CCS has its challenges but has managed to lead by example and overcome the obstacles to make a difference.

We want to see every single parent involved without exception next year. Many of our parents have unseen or unheard talents that can be utilized.  
We are a small school and the PTO realizes the need to be involved.  Our children are very privileged to receive a high-quality education at a fraction of the cost, so it is only fair that parents be involved to keep the tradition and success at CCS thriving and help offset the costs - plus we have a lot of fun.  Our goal is to form committees next year with existing programs and hopefully form new partnerships.

Much of the success of our PTO has been taking chances.  Many of the programs were already in place but were not being managed.  The PTO brought them back to life.  
One success story is Boxtops.  Each month a fun collection sheet goes home.  We were able to offer a prize box in the office for participating students who received certificates all year long to receive prizes.  Behind each student were dedicated parents who found ways to collect boxtops and spend late nights and weekends counting and sorting 10,000 boxtops  (worth 10 cents each).  
Another successful program has been recycling.  For the second year our school entered into a recycling rumble and won.  It teaches the children the importance of recycling.  We turned in 300 ink cartridges and toners and 100 cell phones.  
I would also like to acknowledge the Stop and Shop A+ Program.  Several parents spent hours on several Saturdays at Stop and Shop approaching strangers, sharing information about our school and asking for their Stop and Shop card number.  In turn, it helped raise $2249.45 ($726 more than last year).  
Webster Bank donated power tools to our Spring Tag Sale that raised our school $215.
The PTO also encouraged creativity by organizing another Art fundraiser with teachers and Silver Graphics to turn artwork created by our students into products and tiles for sale. The tiles will soon be displayed in the school.  
We also supported the importance of reading and love of books by holding a Reading Night and Scholastic Bookfair.  We helped stock the classrooms and library with new supplies from the proceeds of the Bookfair, Labels for Education points and Shop Rite for Education program.  
The PTO hosted many family events this year such as our Annual Santa Breakfast, Spring Dance and Tag sales.  
This year we collected food at events which was donated to the Sacred Heart Church Food pantry.
The best part was wrapping up the end of the year and appreciating our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Parents prepared food, made cards, etc.
Behind the scenes are also many parents who help with homework, volunteer in our school kitchen, chaperone field trips, help in the classroom, bake for bake sales and school events, and organize donations from their employers for our school such as new tables and chairs in our lunch room.  
We are small ... but strong and mighty!

Top to bottom: PTO parents at the school's Annual Dinner.

Parent Tamika organized the Santa Breakfast and set up the Teacher Appreciation luncheon.

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