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Between 7:00 am on Tuesday, November 12, and 7:00 pm on Wednesday, November 13, a HUGE competition is going to take place in central Connecticut. Nonprofits from all over Greater Waterbury and the Litchfield Hills are going to beg their communities to give, give, and give again through the website .

Why? Because the need among nonprofit services is huge, and this is a wonderful opportunity to bring new donors and new dollars to central Connecticut.

We are asking you to participate in this campaign and to support Children's Community School.


1. Children's Community School is the only private, secular nonprofit to provide a complete education to our inner-city children. More than 90% of our graduates complete high school on time!

2. One of the many reasons for our success is our Character Development Program, which teaches all 150 of our children values such as respect, courage, perseverance, and anger management.

3. We've been in business for the past 45 years, so we're a community fixture that's here to stay.

4. We are a private school whose educational model is so successful it's being copied by others (such as the brand new Brass City Charter School).

5. Our tuition ($350 a year) reflects the economic status of our families. We depend on YOU to help us raise the $408,000 necessary this year to pay the bills.


1. It will help buy fresh food for our kitchen. True to the school's mission to provide the best for inner-city children, we prepare two meals and two snacks every day from scratch. Your support will help make sure all our children have enough to eat.

2. It will get our children out of the city. CCS families don't have the resources to travel or visit museums. It's up to us to take our students on field trips to experience for themselves sights, sounds, and activities that are commonplace for others.

3. It will purchase supplies for our science lab, books for our classrooms, and replacement uniforms for our growing, active children.

4. It will help pay this winter's heating bill, replace the ancient fuses in the basement, renew our subscriptions to online reading and math software, and put a dent in our teachers' salaries.


1. You MUST give through the online site Donations made directly to CCS do not count. All gifts must be made online and through GiveLocal.

2. The minimum donation is $10. There is no maximum.

3. The donations MUST be made between 7:00 am Tuesday, November 12, and 7:00 pm Wednesday, November 13.

Otherwise, you can do pretty much anything you want.

You may donate as often as you want.

You may donate to as many GiveLocal nonprofits as you want.

You may donate as an individual or as a business.

You may use a credit or debit card.

You may contact us if you have questions or problems. 

So, we're asking you to give, give, and give again to Children's Community School through the website between 7:00 am Tuesday, November 12, and 7:00 pm Wednesday, November 13. Going through this website is the ONLY way your donation will count toward the matching funds and prizes being awarded by the Connecticut Community Foundation.


100% of your gift will go to CCS and is tax deductible. The Connecticut Community Foundation is covering all processing fees. In addition, the foundation will award prizes throughout the 36-hour period depending on the number of gifts received, the amounts received, and the number of new donors. So, please participate and ask all your friends to join you!


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