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The Give Here button below will be a live link to our Give Local page during the campaign, from 7 a.m. Tuesday, May 5 through 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6.  It's easy, it's fun and it means the world to our students.  Read just a few of the success stories below from this past year.



The good your donation does at Children's Community School

Student "A"  *
It's hard to start the year out failing your spelling tests when you're so young, so "A" went to his mom for help.  (Our students benefit from parental involvement that goes beyond signing the contract with the school.  Parents review and sign off on homework and reading assignments each day.)  Then "A's" teacher started working with him in the mornings, too.  His grades went from the lowest to some of the highest in the class.  He now is excited to take part in class spelling bees.
Student "B" *
CCS students are known for being happy to be in school.  Student B, however, was struggling and frustrated.  Her teacher emphasizes a community spirit in the classroom.  "It's not just about you," as the saying goes.  The students in this class are starting to live that attitude.  They remind each other about proper behavior and positive approaches.  It's starting to make a difference in B's demeanor as well.  She's gaining in confidence and becoming proud of her work.  "I've seen a light go off in that child's head and it's so rewarding," says B's teacher.   * Names and photos are false to protect the identities of these students. 
Rohan's Story *
Many of our students come to us with academic challenges.  They often start with deficits in reading or math, which is not unusual for children from low-income households.  Rohan was one of those students.  He started the fall two years behind grade level in reading. 
What we offer at CCS is the school equivalent of "intensive care" -- small classrooms, specialists in reading and learning, extra assistance with tutors, daily homework and reading requirements, and constant encouragement.  It was just what he needed.  According to his Fountas & Pinnell scores (a reading benchmark assessment tool), Rohan has improved his reading so much that he is now reading at grade level!
* Names and photos are false to protect the identities of these students. The stories are both real and recent.

A Story from the Principal
Shareanna graduated from 5th grade at CCS in 1996.  She was accepted to the Montessori School as one of two scholarship recipients they sponsor from CCS each year.  Shareanna had learning difficulties but the Montessori School stuck with her and even gave her a second year in sixth grade to help her catch up with the rest of the students.
I just recently ran into her mom who informed me that Shareanna went to the Waterbury Arts Magnet School and had been very successful.  Her mom credits the Montessori School with equipping her with the skills she needed to succeed in high school.
Shareanna is currently studying to become a physical therapy assistant at Naugatuck Valley Community College.  
Ashley’s Story  (pictured above)
For over 40 years, the mission of Children's Community School, has been to educate the mind, body, and spirit of children from urban environments. I have always believed that I was blessed to be able to experience more than the average student at other schools. For six years it felt like I was a part of a family. I was fortunate to go to school with the same people from kindergarten to 5th grade, and to this day I am lucky to be able to call some lifelong friends. Teachers still remember me by name, and after all these years much has changed, but their mission is still strong.
When my home life wasn’t great, I remember always looking forward to school the next day. Being able to attend a school where I felt safe and comfortable, is what I loved most about CCS. I never felt like an “urban student,” from a low income family, I felt important. The reading challenges in school, especially made me feel good about being at CCS. And I hold Children’s Community responsible for contributing in my decision to study journalism in college.
CCS has instilled in me that learning is the most exciting and rewarding thing that can happen to you, and that it never ends. The teachers and volunteers helped shape my values and paved paths for me, while I was not aware of them doing so. I grew to value the relationships that I have gained with the teachers at Children's Community. The memories and stories that we share, prove that my schooling went beyond just being taught the basics of education. I was taught that true values worth aiming for in life were the importance of being thankful and helpful.
I am grateful for the education that I received from CCS. I am honored to be able to come back to my old stomping ground and lend my services to the students. I am able to take part in what I loved most, and that is helping in the betterment of a child’s education.   
It has been a long time since I donned a blue uniform shirt with yellow CCS letters embroidered, but what has always been constant, is the loving staff.  I owe Children’s Community School credit for the person I am today and I thank them for continuing the legacy.  
Ashley is a recent graduate of Penn State in journalism. She returned to Waterbury and immediately signed up to be a Challenge Group volunteer, teaching students how to conduct interviews, write stories, and become reporters.  She is an example of the success of this small, independent school that takes children from low-income households and gives them all of the supports needed to reach their full potential.

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