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Following Another Tremendous Outcome


          Arranging time to meet with Kayla Surajnoth (CCS Class of 2013) is like trying to get on the calendar of a business CEO. First, you have to get a moment when she is not already booked with one of the three varsity sports she plays at Westover School. Kayla was chosen for all three varsity teams as a freshman. Then she had to finish her year-end projects and prepare for final exams. Summer scheduling wasn’t easy either, but she did finally come with her mother for a visit.

 Kayla’s mom explained that she wanted more for her girls than she thought the public schools would offer and heard about CCS by asking around. Kayla has an older sister who came to CCS first. When Kayla arrived it became clear that she required more attention – much more – because she was such an advanced learner. She was doing multiplication in the second grade.  Kayla credits CCS and its teachers with recognizing her needs and challenging her from the very beginning. In one case she tells a story that the older students/ 5th graders were doing a play or presentation and they needed a narrator. They chose her -- as a 1st grader -- because she could read so well!

 She continued to excel and on graduation from CCS in the 5th grade, she was offered one of two scholarships to attend Washington Montessori School (WMS). She admitted that the transition was a bit challenging and she was glad to see that the 4th and 5th grade classrooms are now equipped with Chromebooks, because they were not when she was here and getting used to the technology at WMS just made her adjustment more difficult.

 On graduation from WMS in 8th grade, she was selected to attend Westover, the private girls’ school in Middlebury. Her plans for the future definitely involve college, but she’s not decided much more than that. She’s only 15 years old.  Whatever her choice of studies, we have no question that she will succeed wherever she applies herself.  

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