Children's Community School (CCS) Waterbury, CT

Alumnus George Bradford, pictured above, was honored at our 2013 Annual Dinner



We at Children's Community School are proud of the fact that more than 94% of our 5th-grade graduates historically go on to complete high school on time. What really makes us stand up and glow is news like this!

Did you attend Children's Community School? 

Do you know someone who did? 

If so, we want to hear from you!

We know that 94% or more of our 5th-grade graduates complete high school on time. We have also heard of many "success" stories of those graduates. However, we can't YET prove that a CCS education results in lasting benefits.

Please help us show the world that Children's Community School really does what it claims to do: give inner-city children the skills they need to take control of their lives. 


The beginnings of an Alumni Photo Gallery!

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