Children's Community School (CCS) Waterbury, CT

Welcome to Our 50th Anniversary!

To celebrate, we've decided to share some of the many stories that make up our history.  Join our e-mail list on the Contact page to get the most recent releases.  Here are a few to start...


# 1   The First, But In No Particular Order

Tours capture the heart of many CCS volunteers and supporters -- especially when the visitors get to meet our students.  It was a tour that also convinced Pat Emons to give up her retirement and take the role as executive director in 1998. “I can still remember the student who came right up and gave me the hug that melted me on the spot,” she says.  “No amount of talking with the adults could change my mind, but that little girl did.”

Before Pat came on board, CCS leadership came from the Sisters of Mercy and the Congregation of Notre Dame.  The Sisters of Mercy were the parish sisters at Sacred Heart School and they started the program in the Berkley Heights Housing project/facility. The Congregation of Notre Dame followed their lead and supported the director position for almost 25 years.  

The school still depends on student lead tours and the charm of its students to gather resources, and those resources keep the school flourishing to this day!


# 2 Something Different

Not every story at CCS is an obvious success -- even we admit that, but this one will touch your heart as it did ours.  

We received a call one day from a counselor at a prison.  The counselor explained that she had been working with an inmate for several years and over that time, he had talked so much about CCS she was compelled to call.  “Who is CCS and what are you doing over there?” she asked. We explained our model of schooling and how we approach our relationship with students as one of a family.

She then told us that this inmate had shared many things with her about his childhood and she  asked him many times -- “Don’t you have ANY happy memories as a child?” “Only at CCS” was always his response.  To hear that CCS had that impact on a child was a bittersweet moment -- both sad and heartwarming at the same time.


# 3 Many Partners Make a Community

CCS is a true community endeavor.  Partners throughout the area bring their services and expertise at no cost to the school, so that the cost to educate a child here is much lower than in public, private and charter schools in the area. These partners and our donors have made our 50 year history possible.

“Cam” came to CCS for the summer through the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board (NRWIB), an agency that provides youth employment for six weeks during the summer.  Cam is paid by NRWIB and he takes from this partnership both job experience and spending money before he starts college at the end of August. CCS gets extra hands to help with critical summer cleaning and preparation for the new year at no extra cost.

This is only one of many, many partnerships that CCS enjoys and that allows it to provide the best in quality education and enrichment for Waterbury children.  We've got more partnership stories to come....



Students in Classroom Library

Pat Emons

Representative photo - subject unidentified.


Cam with custodial staff, Danny and Elsa.


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