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            CCS is fortunate to have partners with businesses and groups throughout the area, providing valuable resources and projects for our students.  For this story, we introduce you to a non-profit organization based in Washington, CT called the After School Arts Project or ASAP!  Its mission is to foster creative, hands-on learning through the arts and they applied for a grant to bring their staff and expertise to CCS in something they called “The Metamorphosis Project.” 

It started in the spring of 2016 with a project on the water cycle teaching science concepts and vocabulary through art, design and engineering.  Students began by studying textiles, then dyed their own yarn using items from nature like turmeric, avocado and beetles (picture on left).  They wove their yarn onto hand-painted looms, exploring repeated patterns and painting techniques.  Teams were asked to design, diagram, engineer and create a textile representing a worldwide problem.  These textile pieces represented bacteria in the air and woven pieces to control algal bloom.  A lively video about the project is on the photos page of our website.

ASAP! returned in the fall with different projects for each grade.  Third Grade focused on Plant and Animal Adaptation and “traveled” to imaginary planets with extreme climates. Using drawing, painting, and stamping techniques students applied their knowledge of adaptation to create plants and animals that would survive on these planets. They created “exploration machines” that would house, transport, and provide a place for them to research their planet.

 Fourth graders focused on Forces In Motion and used gravity, force, and the motion of their bodies to explore mark-making, using a variety of tools including silk screening as shown here. Students studied the effects of force on woven fabrics. Using their knowledge and experience, students ultimately worked in teams to design and build load bearing vehicles to help solve a worldwide problem such as transporting refugees out of an earthquake zone.

Fifth graders focused on Light and Sound. They examined light by shining flashlights through a variety of objects to create patterns on paper, then used paints to express the patterns in three dimensions.  They experimented with contact microphones on a variety of surfaces and objects to explore sound quality, frequency and volume. Taking their studies of light, color, and sound, they then worked in teams to design and engineer a textile paired with a projected sound to solve problems like filtering heat from the sun to avoid global warming, preventing coastal erosion, and keeping waterways clean.

 Field trips were included to Flanders Nature Center, to learn about making maple syrup, to the Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust to learn about endangered species and study stream ecology, and to the Woodbury Reservoir with Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition where students learned about aquifers.

These hands-on experiences help students connect their school subjects and the natural world in a personal way.




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