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 Closing the Digital Divide

"Miss Kishana” introduces a game she created on the SmartBoard for her fifth graders. “I use the SmartBoard daily to teach math and grammar lessons, we display writing activities and view clips to view current events and introduce new concepts.”   Grades 3-5 have them now and the goal is to outfit K-2 classrooms by the end of the year.


According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals,  “the new 21st century learners must master more than the core curriculum to succeed in secondary and post-secondary institutions, as well as in the workplace. Effective application of vital skills in a technology-infused life and workplace requires acquiring them in a technology-infused learning environment.”

This is where CCS falls into what is known as the “digital divide.” Schools in wealthy areas have access to modern technology, both in the classroom and at home. Schools like CCS have limited technology - partly by design, but largely out of financial constraints.  In an effort to arm our students with all they’ll need for the future, the principal and director have made technology a focus of funding and staff training.  They started with a goal of putting SmartBoards in every classroom -- a goal that should be met by the holidays, thanks to our Technology Program sponsor, Ion Bank, a grant from Thomaston Savings Bank and individual donors.  

The staff is now looking at a larger technology plan for the school that will fully incorporate use of technology in the curriculum, training for teachers and give the students greater access so they can compete in future academic and workplace endeavors.

With fair access to all the tools available, you can be sure our students will continue to excel. 


 Approximately 99% of our students eligible to graduate from high school last year, did so. 


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