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Raising the Curriculum Bar

CCS teachers and consultant

Teachers in professional development session with new curriculum consultant.  

         Once  again, our year end evaluations show that CCS excels statewide among schools with similar “at risk” populations. In attendance, discipline, working on grade level, and on-time graduation from high school, our students fare noticeably better their peers. Still we ask -- are we giving our students everything they need o succeed in their future schooling and work?

Our concern was that our students were academically competitive, but they got limited exposure to technology, giving them a disadvantage. The past curriculum did not include the principles or instructional technology, nor did CCS own the hardware or software to support such a curriculum. It also was not aligned with the Connecticut Common Core Standards.

In exploring these concerns, we found a partner in the Leever Foundation. They agreed to multi-year funding for an ambitious plan, but one that, so far, is on track. 

What does this mean on the student level?  The students feel the impact without knowing how all the pieces fit together; mostly they see new SmartBoards in every classroom.   

When asked what they think about what’s new in the classroom, they said things like:  “math seems easier on the Smartboard,”  “I pay attention more because it’s visual and more interesting,”  “you can get more information on the Smartboard than you can from the books,” and “I miss it when it (the internet) goes out.”  Finally one younger student stepped forward and said “Can I say something?  EVERYTHING is better on the Smartboard!”


They haven’t even seen what’s coming next.  New classroom tools this September include Chromebooks and document cameras (a modern-day overhead projector).  Looks like we’re off to a good start.



Children’s Community School lays the foundation for urban students' educational success by offering a robust curriculum and unique experiences, by developing their individual character, and by cultivating strong parent involvement.

     Children’s Community School (CCS) provides an educational alternative for low-income families living in the Waterbury area. CCS has been providing a unique, high-quality, private education for 46 years. The educational model and the support of hundreds of volunteers results in a 92% on-time high school graduation rate of our children.

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