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     Jalen is a gifted student at CCS. What’s interesting about Jalen is that he is so bright, he benefits from outside resources to keep him engaged. So his teacher assigned volunteer Eliza Paolucci to work with him  every week on advanced projects. When they first met, Eliza asked Jalen what interested him. The response was art, whales, sharks and other aquatic animals. When she came back the next week, she brought with her a book about drawing and a sketchbook for his work. Jalen then did research about whales that he combined with his drawings to make a book. Eliza also brings him books to read and, without fail, he finishes them by the time they meet the next week. The two are now working on multiplication, which the rest of the third grade class will start later in the year.

    We have many outstanding students at CCS, but they are special in different ways. That’s why our classes are limited to 16 students and have a teacher and an assistant in each class –  to make sure that our students get as much individual attention as possible.  It’s what draws many parents to our school, knowing their children will get what they need to learn.

     The beauty of an independent school like CCS is the ability to educate flexibly and creatively, using resources that don’t require a big budget.  For the student who needs a positive role-model, we have a male tutor.  For the student who is struggling in math or reading, we have Title I services through the city.  For students and families with social work needs, we have a team that consists of a volunteer MSW, an unpaid St. Joseph’s College intern, and a part-time crisis counselor, paid by independent and grant funding. 

     This is truly a community school, made possible by donors, volunteers, and supporters of every variety.  They allow our students to thrive and ultimately become positive contributors to the community and society at large. 

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Children’s Community School lays the foundation for urban students' educational success by offering a robust curriculum and unique experiences, by developing their individual character, and by cultivating strong parent involvement.

     Children’s Community School (CCS) provides an educational alternative for low-income families living in the Waterbury area. CCS has been providing a unique, high-quality, private education for 46 years. The educational model and the support of hundreds of volunteers results in a 92% on-time high school graduation rate of our children.

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Proud partner of Waterbury's Bridge to Success initiative to ensure a brighter future for our city's youth.  

CCS is a United Way supported agency with code 4978.  Please consider designating your workplace contributions, while also supporting the entire Greater Waterbury community.

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