Children's Community School (CCS) Waterbury, CT

Middle School Opening in the New School Year

What better way to celebrate the school’s 50th Anniversary than to announce we’re finally opening a middle school!  Parents have pleaded with us for years to add grades so that our students, many of whom have only known CCS , don’t have to leave for middle school when they are at a challenging age already. 

For several years board members have been working on a plan that would support this expansion.  When Sacred Heart Church consolidated and moved into St. Anne’s Church, they discontinued use of any space in the school and moved everything out.  The entire building is now available to CCS, including one whole wing on the 3rd floor that is only used during the after school Bravo Waterbury! program. 

The expansion will add a grade 6 in the fall of 2019, grade 7 in fall of 2020, and grade 8 in fall of 2021. Classes will still be limited to 16 students to continue the individualized education approach.  The development staff will be seeking grants and donations of furniture and equipment to get started.  The expansion will be sustained thereafter with the school’s endowment, greater board fundraising, and minimal tuition increases to maintain the school’s mission of educating the underserved.   


Children’s Community School lays the foundation for urban students' educational success by offering a robust curriculum and unique experiences, by developing their individual character, and by cultivating strong family involvement.

     Children’s Community School (CCS) provides an educational alternative for low-income families living in the Waterbury area. CCS has been providing a unique, high-quality, private education for 50 years. The educational model and the support of hundreds of volunteers results in a 94% and higher on-time high school graduation rate of our children.

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