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In the News -- City, Suburban Kids Get Creative Together



WATERTOWN – Waterbury elementary students are working with students from a Watertown private high school to create a collaborative art project.

Just under 100 kindergarten through fifth-graders each made a leaf. The Taft School students will assemble them into a tree representing each class at the elementary school, according to Lynn Curless, Director of Development at Children’s Community School.

The students will showcase their work at an art show on Jan. 26 in Taft’s choral room.

“It ends up being a project that represents each individual student, but then puts them all together as a whole,” Curless said. “It becomes kind of a mystery to us until we see it unveiled again at this show.”   Read more...


Hurricane was Blessing for New Student

Hurricane Irma was a blessing in disguise.   At least it was for a new student at CCS. 

Tisa was living in south Florida with her mom when news of the hurricane became serious. Mom had an instinct that she should get away, so she called a friend in Waterbury where she lived before Tisa was born.  The friend invited them to stay until the storm was over.  When it was safe to go back, Tisa and her mom found their house severely damaged.  Not only that, the power lines were on her property, which meant that she would bear the cost of having them repaired if she wanted power again. Julianne wasn’t able or willing to pay that cost. 

 She packed the two of them up and headed back to Connecticut. When the car broke down along the way, it took what little bit of money she had left. This young mother is now struggling to start over, and the last thing she needed was her daughter’s exposure in school to language and behaviors that she never could have imagined. She called a relative from the area who then reached out to CCS in hopes of getting the child in.

 What happened next was short of a miracle.



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